The Guidelines for AI Integration Throughout Education in the Commonwealth of Virginia provides a structured approach to integrating AI into Virginia’s education systems, emphasizing readiness, ethical considerations, and practical implementation strategies. It emphasises a balanced integration of AI to enhance learning while maintaining ethical standards and human-centred education.

The guidelines are designed specifically for a wide range of education stakeholders in Virginia, including state education agencies, boards of education/leadership and education practitioners.

  • It recommends the establishment of a clear framework for AI education, including curriculum development, teacher training, and student engagement with AI technologies.
  • Specific initiatives include pilot projects to explore the educational potential of AI, partnerships with technology providers, and research to assess the impact of AI on learning outcomes.
  • The guidelines emphasise the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that all students benefit from advances in AI.
  • A key focus is on developing digital literacy and AI-specific skills among students and educators to prepare them for a technology-driven future.
  • It outlines measures to protect data privacy and address bias in AI applications, to promote a safe and equitable educational environment.

The concise approach of Virginia’s AI policy, with its emphasis on guiding principles, strategies for success, and delineation of roles and responsibilities, provides an excellent starting point for thoughtful integration of AI in education.

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