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AI Policy and Practice Insights

Welcome, policymakers!

In the rapidly evolving educational landscape shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI), your role in developing effective national policies is critical. Although comprehensive national policies on AI in education are emerging, important groundwork has been laid by international bodies such as the OECD or the UNESCO. Their efforts to explore the various educational dimensions of AI, such as ethical guidelines and the potential of generative AI, provide a solid foundation for policy development.

This section is not just a repository, but a curated selection of international resources, intended as a beacon of inspiration and guidance. Here you will find a mosaic of white papers, policies and guidelines, each offering insights into the global approach to AI in education.

This resource is designed to provoke thought and help create policies that balance the transformative potential of AI with critical considerations such as privacy, algorithmic bias, and bridging the digital divide.

Remember, AI in education should augment the human element, not replace it. It’s about empowering educators and students, enhancing the learning experience, and ensuring ethical and inclusive practices.

Together, let’s shape an educational future that uses global inspiring practices and guidelines to make AI a positive force in education for all.

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