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teacher (at heart).
researcher. innovator.

Welcome everyone!

… to a space dedicated to exploring the confluence of education and artificial intelligence, where research, pedagogy and policy meet to discuss and exchange ideas about education and its interplay with AI.

In this exchange, I wear many hats, each reflecting a facet of my passion for combining technology with teaching and innovation with learning:

• As a researcher, I dive deep into the evolving dynamics between technology and education.

• As an innovator by nature, I am constantly seeking and developing new ways to enhance learning through technology.

• At my core, however, I remain a teacher – someone who values the spark of understanding and the journey of mutual learning.

  • My short bio

    As head of innovation at the Department for Education, I am immersed in a wide range of new approaches, tools and methods that are redefining how we learn and teach today. This position gives me the insight to distinguish between truly transformative change and fleeting trends.

    My previous 16 years of teaching have provided me with invaluable insights that now inform my research into the impact of AI in education. These past experiences form the backbone of my current work, emphasising the indispensable role of educators and human interaction in weaving AI into our educational fabric.

    In my role as a doctoral researcher, I’m dissecting the intricacies of how educators perceive and integrate AI into their teaching practices. My research straddles the line between theory and practice, aiming to understand the evolving role of AI in education and, importantly, how educational practices can influence the development and deployment of AI technologies. My aim is to identify ways in which technology can enhance rather than hinder, and to ensure that educators play a central role in the ongoing narrative of educational innovation.

  • My objectives for Educ[AI]tion

    Translating academic research, current pedagogical discussions and use cases into useful insights.

    Creating a dialogue, sharing knowledge, and learning together about AI in education.

    At the heart of my work is a mission to bridge the gap between academic research, current pedagogical debates and practical use cases, and policy-making to provide tangible insights into the integration of AI in education.

    Educ[AI]tion is more than just a platform where I share my personal experiences, pitfalls, trials and errors, and curated resources and studies; it’s a community for educators, policy makers, researchers, and the wider community interested in the role of AI in education to share knowledge, learn, and spark conversations about the future of teaching and learning with AI.

    Join me on this journey as we explore the intersections of AI, education, research, pedagogy and innovation, and transform the way we think about teaching and learning.

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