Our AI Ally

At Educ[AI]tion, we believe that understanding and using AI in education requires a holistic approach.

The ‘Big 5 Ideas of AI’ (AI4K12.org) provide a framework for understanding the complexity and potential of AI technologies.

Our mission and our graphic representation of it (our AI Ally) resonate with these ideas and reflect a deep and coherent understanding of the role of AI in education.

1. Perception:
Cultivating Awareness

Reflecting the perception of AI, we aim to sensitise our community to the role of AI in education. Our focus is on raising awareness and understanding of the potential and limitations of AI to enhance the educational experience.

2. Representation & Reasoning:
Encouraging Informed Analysis

The reasoning power of AI inspires us to promote deep thinking about AI in education. We provide resources to foster informed analysis and advocacy, helping stakeholders develop a comprehensive understanding of the educational implications of AI.

3. Learning:
Building Knowledge Collaboratively

Reflecting the learning process of AI, Educ[AI]tion is a platform for individual and collective learning. We facilitate the exchange of knowledge between teachers, researchers and policy makers, leading to new insights and understandings in AI education.

4. Natural Interaction

We encourage natural interaction, reflecting AI’s approach to engagement and sharing. Our platform is designed for stakeholders to share experiences and build a collective knowledge base, increasing the relevance and applicability of AI in education.

5. Societal Impact:

Understanding the societal impact of AI is key to our mission. We look at how AI shapes and is shaped by educational practices and societal structures, recognising the transformative role of education in societal development.

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