What we do:
Exploring the role of AI in education 

Educ[AI]tion is a collaborative platform dedicated to understanding and harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. Our focus is on the broad spectrum of AI’s impact: from classroom teaching and learning experiences to the nuances of education policy and research. We believe in the collaborative synergy between researchers, policy makers and teachers. Together, we explore the roles, challenges and opportunities of AI and strive to unlock its full potential to improve education.

Why we do it:
Keeping pace with the evolution of AI  

– In discovery mode: We are all on a journey of discovery together, trying to unravel and understand the growing role of AI in educational contexts.

– Tracking rapid developments: AI is rapidly transforming education. We aim to keep pace with these changes to ensure that educational practices and policies remain relevant and impactful.

– Exploring practical applications: We focus on real-world implementations that have a positive impact on teaching and learning. 

How we do it:
A collaborative, tripartite approach 

Educ[AI]tion is based on the synergistic collaboration of researchers, policy-makers and teachers. By understanding each group’s perspective and stake in AI in education, we build holistic, evidence-based approaches that are policy-ready and feasible in the classroom.

Research-led: We base our findings on robust research, going beyond the hype to understand the true capabilities and limitations of AI in education.

– Practical: Our approach is grounded in the realities of the classroom. We share strategies, tools and ideas that educators can put into practice to improve their teaching and engage students.

– Policy-driven: We provide policymakers with guidance and resources to create informed, effective policies. Our goal is to create an environment in which AI can be used ethically and effectively in education.

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