Education in the age of AI is a multifaceted endeavour, requiring a nuanced approach that embraces the opportunities and addresses the challenges of AI.

It’s about…

…using AI as an ally to enhance education for all learners (learning with AI).

…developing a deep understanding of AI and its implications (learning about AI).

…challenging educational paradigms in the face of the risks and opportunities of AI (learning despite and because of AI).

Educ[AI]tion is committed to guiding educators, researchers and policy makers on this journey to ensure that the integration of AI in education is thoughtful, responsible and beneficial for all learners.

Learning with AI: enhancing the educational experience

AI tools in education, from content creation to personalised learning analytics, bring a new dimension to teaching and learning. This approach requires careful consideration of ethical and privacy issues, as well as the evolving dynamics between teachers and students in a collaborative human-computer environment. This is in line with our AI Ally’s concept of ‘Natural Interaction’, which emphasises human-centred collaborative scenarios in educational settings.

Learning about AI: building AI and data literacy

Understanding AI technology and its principles is essential for both educators and students. This aspect of learning includes AI and data literacy, which is essential for the responsible use and understanding of AI. It aligns with the ‘Perception’ and ‘Representation and Reasoning’ elements of our AI Ally, highlighting the importance of understanding how AI perceives and processes information.

Learning despite and because of AI: adapting to an evolving educational landscape

As AI continues to redefine the boundaries of education, it’s crucial to recognise that this is not a one-way street; the evolution of education in response to AI’s influence can, in turn, shape the development and application of AI itself. By understanding the ‘Societal Impact’ of our AI Ally, we’re not just adapting to an AI-altered landscape, we’re actively participating in the co-evolution of education and AI, ensuring that both fields grow and improve in ways that benefit society as a whole.

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