The AI Toolkit is designed to advance AI readiness in Ohio schools by providing a comprehensive guide for stakeholders to navigate the integration of AI in educational settings responsibly and effectively. It targets various stakeholders in Ohio’s schools (district superintendents, principals, educators, parents) to promote AI literacy among their children and students.

  • The toolkit addresses the need for trusted resources in K-12 education to prepare students for an AI-driven world and provides guidance on sound, transparent, and practical methods for implementing AI-focused policies.
  • It emphasises that it is not a mandate, but a trusted resource for educators and parents to prepare students for emerging technologies.
  • Guidance includes the development of actionable AI policies, the availability of resources for implementation, and ensuring the safe, effective, and responsible use of AI.
  • A collaborative effort, it draws on insights from a wide range of stakeholders and aims to equip Ohio’s education community with the knowledge to use AI to improve education.
  • The document advocates for continuous adaptation and validation of AI systems for their ethical and pedagogical suitability.
  • It provides concrete recommendations for policymakers and educational institutions to shape the use of AI tools to protect human agency and benefit learners.

The AI Toolkit stands out by offering dual forms of guidance: firstly, it provides a clear and practical methodology for translating high-level aspirational goals into actionable AI-focused policies. Secondly, the toolkit provides stakeholders with a set of resources to support in the implementation of AI education. These resources are tailored not only for educators, but also for parents and policymakers, demonstrating a deep understanding of the ecosystemic approach needed for effective educational transformation.

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