The White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: A European Approach to Excellence and Trust outlines the European Commission’s strategy for AI, focusing on the balance between promoting the uptake of AI and addressing the associated risks.

  • The need to balance AI innovation with ethical standards and public trust.
  • The importance of creating a regulatory framework that promotes AI excellence in a European value-based context.
  • The proposal to create ecosystems of excellence and trust to support AI development and adoption.
  • The call for substantial investment in AI research, development and deployment across the EU.
  • Emphasising the protection of fundamental rights and privacy in AI applications.
  • Encouraging international cooperation to align global AI regulations with European standards.

The European Commission’s White Paper on AI is an important step towards a balanced, ethical and innovation-driven approach to AI in Europe. It demonstrates a strong understanding of the dual need to promote technological progress while safeguarding European values and fundamental rights, and sets a commendable precedent for global AI governance.

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