Class’Code IAI is a comprehensive educational initiative designed to demystify artificial intelligence (AI) for learners of all ages. It offers a wide range of resources and activities to encourage understanding, experimentation and critical thinking about AI.
The project includes 3 modules for questioning AI, hands-on experiments and debates, all designed to be accessible and engaging for a wide audience, including school children:

Functionally, Class’Code IAI provides learners with the tools to discover, play and understand the implications of AI in society. Through a mix of coding activities, interactive games and exploration of AI concepts, participants are encouraged to engage deeply with the material, fostering a nuanced understanding of AI technologies.

In the classroom, this resource can be easily integrated to engage students and provide them with a basic understanding of how machine learning works and to spark discussions about the ethical considerations of AI.

Class’Code IAI is available in French and free of charge, underlining its aim to make AI education accessible to everyone.

Access the resource: