The Erasmus+ project ‘AI4T’ offers a comprehensive textbook entitled ‘AI for Teachers: An Open Textbook’, available in several languages, aimed at improving teachers’ understanding of artificial intelligence and its application in education. This open access textbook is designed to be a versatile resource for educators, available in online, ePub, digital PDF and print PDF formats to suit different preferences and needs. 

Functionally, the textbook serves as a basic guide to integrating AI technologies into teaching and learning in the classroom. It covers essential AI concepts, tools, and methodologies and presents them in an accessible manner suitable for educators without prior AI expertise. The content is structured to facilitate self-paced learning, with a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical examples that illustrate how AI can be used to enhance educational practice. 

As an open educational resource, the AI4T textbook is available free of charge, embodying the project’s commitment to accessible education. 

Access the resource: