‘SchoolAI’ offers a platform designed for K-12 education with a focus on personalised learning and safety. It enables 1:1 tutoring, guidance and the creation of AI-powered learning spaces, giving teachers full control over its use and content.

‘SchoolAI’ provides features that enable educators to create their own AI-powered learning spaces, use pre-built assistants and tools, or explore a library of ready-made spaces to enhance the educational experience with personalised and engaging content. The tool’s capabilities include providing real-time insights for personalised instruction.

It supports a variety of educational use cases such as personalised learning pathways, classroom management and student performance tracking.

SchoolAI is accessible to a wide range of educators, emphasising its role in effectively and securely integrating AI into the classroom. It also provides professional development resources for teachers to maximise the use of AI in education.

Personal observation: The combination of personalised learning spaces and the ease of integrating existing educational resources represents a promising approach to enriching the educational experience.

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