‘Heuristica’ offers a unique approach to learning and research through AI-powered concept maps. It allows users to explore topics in depth by visually organising and connecting ideas, facilitated by AI-driven insights.

The functionality includes the creation of visual concept maps for different topics, enabling deep understanding and exploration without the need for manual guidance. It enables personalised learning experiences, facilitates deep dives into topics, supports research with advanced tools and transforms research results into comprehensive content. The tool supports learning through simplification and enhancement techniques such as ELI5 (Explain like I am 5), summarising and more.

Pedagogically, it is suitable for various fields ranging from physics to software development, helping students and researchers to grasp complex concepts and relationships.

‘Heuristica’ is freely accessible, encouraging a wide range of users to experience advanced learning tools without financial barriers.

Personal observation: This platform offers a range of simplification strategies, from concept maps to flashcard generation. It helps turn complex information into manageable, interconnected pieces of knowledge.

Let’s give it a try: Heuristica