The Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence adopted by UNESCO focuses on guiding the responsible development and use of AI technologies, underpinned by human rights and ethical principles. It identifies 11 policy areas, including education and research. In this area, the Recommendation outlines several key strategies for integrating AI into education and research contexts.

  • AI literacy and educational accessibility
  • Development of prerequisite skills
  • Awareness of AI developments
  • Ethical use in education
  • Inclusive participation in AI education
  • AI ethics curricula
  • Support for AI ethics research
  • Training for AI researchers
  • Data Access for the Scientific Community
  • Interdisciplinary AI Research
  • Opportunities for scientific progress

These guidelines aim to promote an ethical, inclusive and holistic approach to AI education and research, ensuring that AI advances benefit all sectors of society and respect human rights and ethical standards.

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