‘Say What You See’ is an educational tool provided by Google Arts & Culture. It’s designed to explore the nuances of image prompting using Google’s AI technology.

The core functionality of the tool revolves around teaching users to create effective image prompts to engage with the AI in identifying or generating specific images. It provides an interactive environment where different prompts can lead to discovering how the AI perceives and interprets human input in relation to visual content. This feature opens up new avenues for understanding the interface between AI’s language comprehension and image processing capabilities.

In the field of education, ‘Say What You See’ can be used across a range of disciplines. Art and design educators can use it to demonstrate the intersection of technology and the visual arts, enriching students’ understanding and appreciation of art in the digital age. Language arts classes can also benefit by using the tool in exercises that focus on descriptive writing skills, challenging students to create descriptions that are detailed enough for AI to recognise.

This tool is freely available as part of the Google Arts & Culture offering, ensuring easy access without the need for subscriptions or special software.

Personal observation: ‘Say What You See’ not only provides a taste of what AI can do in the arts, but also encourages creative and thoughtful integration of technology into education. It is a showcase of the potential of digital tools to enhance the learning experience across subjects in an engaging and accessible way.

Let’s give it a try: Say What You See — Google Arts & Culture