The AI4T MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is the result of the Erasmus+ project ‘AI4T – AI for and by teachers’ and aims to provide teachers and the wider education community with a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence, its applications, technologies and limitations. The course aims to equip educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to incorporate AI-based solutions into their teaching practices, and to promote an informed and critical approach to AI in education.

Functionally, the AI4T MOOC serves as a comprehensive platform for educators to explore the various facets of AI, including its underlying principles, ethical considerations and practical applications in education. It provides 4 modules of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises that enable participants to engage with AI technologies in a hands-on way. The course is structured to facilitate self-paced learning and offers a range of resources such as video lectures, readings, quizzes and project-based assignments to suit different learning preferences.

The uses and applications of the AI4T MOOC in the classroom are many. Teachers can apply their learning to develop AI-enhanced lesson plans, integrate AI tools to personalise learning experiences, and use data analytics to more effectively assess student performance. In addition, the course encourages educators to critically assess the ethical implications of AI in education, preparing them to responsibly navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the technology.

In terms of cost and accessibility, the AI4T MOOC is freely available as an open educational resource. By offering comprehensive training at no cost, the AI4T MOOC provides a good starting point for a wide range of teachers and exemplifies a commitment to democratising access to AI education.

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