My personal reserach journey

    As I embark on my research journey through the complex terrain of AI in education, I am weaving my professional and academic experiences into a coherent exploration of teacher acceptance and adoption of AI.
    • As Head of Innovation at the Department for Education, I am immersed in the myriad of new approaches, tools and methodologies that are shaping learning and teaching today. This unique vantage point allows me to distinguish truly disruptive change from mere buzz.
    • My 16 years as a teacher, although now behind me, provide a treasure trove of insights that inform my current research into the role of AI in education. These experiences, which underpin my journey, highlight the critical role of educators and human interaction in integrating AI into the learning environment.
    • As a doctoral researcher, I am exploring the dynamics of teacher acceptance and adoption of AI. I navigate this complex terrain with a dual focus: understanding how AI is transforming educational practice and, crucially, how education itself can shape the development and application of AI technologies. My work is a blend of theoretical rigour and practical inquiry, aiming to illuminate a way forward where technology serves as a bridge rather than a barrier, ensuring that teachers remain central to the narrative of educational innovation.

    This three-pronged approach underlines my commitment to linking theoretical insights with practical applications, with the aim of harnessing the interplay between AI and education.

    My commitment to understanding the psychological underpinnings of AI acceptance in education drives my work. Juggling my PhD studies in my spare time, I am not just an observer, but an active participant in shaping the future of education and educational technology. This journey is more than an academic pursuit; it’s a personal mission to ensure that the integration of AI into education is both meaningful and grounded in the real experiences of educators and learners alike.

    My research journey delves into the nuanced landscape of the acceptance and adoption of artificial intelligence among teachers in secondary schools.

    It unfolds in three carefully structured phases to provide a holistic view:

    1. Qualitative exploration: Starting with in-depth qualitative interviews, this phase is dedicated to uncovering teachers’ real-world applications, attitudes and perceptions towards AI in education. It focuses on gathering first-hand insights to understand the practical and pedagogical nuances of AI integration in the classroom.
    2. Systematic literature review: Building on the qualitative foundation, the journey continues with a rigorous literature review aimed at scrutinising existing technology acceptance models. This critical assessment seeks to evaluate their relevance and adaptability to the emerging context of AI in education, paving the way for a theoretical framework that resonates with the unique dynamics of AI adoption in education.
    3. Quantitative analysis: The research culminates in a robust quantitative phase, using carefully designed vignettes to quantitatively measure teacher acceptance and adoption scenarios. This phase aims to statistically validate the qualitative findings and theoretical propositions, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence teachers’ acceptance and adoption of AI tools for teaching and learning.

    Throughout these phases, the research carefully addresses thematic areas such as the use of AI tools in education, the central role of teachers and classroom dynamics, and the critical factors that drive or hinder the acceptance and adoption of AI technologies.

    By positioning teachers as the gatekeepers of innovation in education, the study underscores the importance of educators’ acceptance for the successful integration of AI tools into teaching and learning processes, and highlights ways to foster a supportive environment for AI in education.

    This journey not only fuels my academic curiosity, but also grounds my innovations in real-world educational needs and perspectives.

My research focus: Teacher Acceptance and Adoption of AI in Teaching and Learning Settings

Source: own presentation (Hau, D., 2024)

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