Scite is an AI-driven platform powered by a unique database of Smart Citations. It allows users to delve into the full text of millions of research articles, providing detailed insights and reliable answers to complex questions. This tool is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of research topics by providing contextual information retrieval.

Scite offers a range of features designed to enhance research activities: It acts as an AI-powered research partner (Assistant), enables direct searching of citation statements for precise facts (Search), allows the creation of custom dashboards to monitor trends and insights from collections of papers, and includes a reference check function to ensure high quality references in manuscripts.

From assisting in the initial stages of a literature review to supporting the drafting and refinement of research proposals and papers, its applications are vast. It enables users to ask nuanced questions, obtain summaries of research findings, and identify supporting or opposing evidence within the scientific corpus.

A free 7-day trial is available. Scite also offers pricing plans for individuals and businesses.

Personal observation: By using Smart Citations, Scite AI provides context and classification for every citation, indicating whether it supports, contradicts, or merely mentions the claim being made. Also useful for identifying sources for statements made by language models such as ChatGPT.

Let’s give it a try: